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Wedding Ideas Only a Planner Can Do

Wedding Ideas Only a Planner Can Do

Timeless. Elegant. Very. Luxurious. classic. Beautiful. These are some of the many words you would like to use when describing your wedding. You may have many ideas in your head when it comes to your big day, but you may not know how to execute them.

For example, you might want an outdoor table top decorated with stone pots filled with colorful flowers and antique cutlery, but you have no idea where and how to get these goodies and put them together.

This article explores wedding arrangement ideas that are best executed under the watchful eye of a wedding planner.

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Your background

When you choose a location, your planner’s job is to get the most out of a location. An experienced wedding planner has handled different types of situations and clients to know exactly what kind of wedding you want. The background is the backbone of your location. It brings together other elements in a wedding, so whether it’s a masquerade or a pastel white and blush wedding, your planner knows how to go about it without stressing you out!

The food

Wedding food is another tricky department that needs expert attention. There are a number of caterers and going to each of them for a quote is too much for a couple whose plate is already full of other chores. A planner will know which caterer to hire according to your location and meal plan.

The flowers

No wedding is complete without flowers. Therefore, you should pay special attention to the type of flowers you choose for your wedding. For example, if you’re planning a beach wedding, it’s best to record your arrangements rather than let them flow freely, as the ocean breeze can take all your flowers out to sea! You will also have to specifically ask for flowers that don’t clash when it comes to scents. It’s the little things your planner takes care of that make them absolutely essential for a wedding! If you are looking for an experienced wedding planner, consider Maltese Dreams. The owner Josie Maltese specializes in beach weddings. Feel free to contact her to find out more about the packages and services offered!

How Bhopal can be a great wedding destination

The capital Madhya Pradesh is gradually becoming a favorite destination for people and this is mainly due to many new developments that have taken place in this city which is located in the heart of India. Although Bhopal is not exactly a tourist destination compared to the other locations in Madhya Pradesh, the advancements that have taken place in this city have led many people to organize grand weddings in various locations under the jurisdiction of the city.

Planning Weddings in Bhopal

Planning weddings in the city of Bhopal has been possible as saadi has come a long way in helping people make arrangements in the five star hotels present in Bhopal. Moreover, the city is easily accessible from different parts of India via train, flight and people from surrounding states can travel by road to reach this destination. Couples can visit the tourist spots in the city after marriage and this is one of the reasons why Bhopal can be chosen as one of the auspicious destinations for marriage.

Things to Remember

One of the most important aspects to consider when arranging a wedding is the accommodation. It is not only important to arrange a comfortable accommodation for the guests, but it is also imperative that it fits within your budget. When it comes to a city like Bhopal, the cost of accommodation is probably lower compared to the metro cities. In fact, Bhopal is not only known as one of the cost-effective venues where grandiose weddings can be celebrated in the most luxurious way without paying a huge amount of money.

Accommodation options

Bhopal has many five star hotels such as Jehan Numa Palace Hotel, Noor-Us-Sabah-Palace and Courtyard Villa where wedding arrangements can be made in collaboration with saadi and the rates at these hotels are affordable. So you can get one of the most prominent locations in Bhopal which would not have been in your budget if it had settled in the metro cities. There is no shortage of public transport in Bhopal, although you may want to consider the option of renting private vehicles if you want to arrange a wedding in this city.

The weather in Bhopal

The weather in Bhopal is comfortable except in the months of May and June when summer is at its peak. From November to April the weather is quite pleasant making it an ideal wedding destination. In fact there is a lot of competition during these days as it gate to arrange weddings in this city and the locals are proud of it too.

wedding venue

If you want to make your wedding destination pocket-friendly, the option of arranging a wedding in Bhopal can be exciting enough as the guests have the opportunity to explore the neighboring areas that are equally popular. Moreover, when a marriage is arranged in this beautiful city, people can come across the local tradition and culture in this city and the food. The lifestyle of the people living in this city comes alive when you arrange a wedding in the colorful city of Bhopal.

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