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Top 5 Awesome Virtual Assistant Monitoring Tools

Top 5 Awesome Virtual Assistant Monitoring Tools

The monitoring software goes further than just the time registration functionality of logging in or logging out where the presence of the employee is registered. The various software we are going to discuss in this article have special features, such as keystroke logging, employee location tracking, and screenshot taking platforms.

Virtual assistant monitoring software is especially useful when a company needs to manage dozens of virtual assistants who work in shifts or in different time zones. Take, for example, the case of Optimal Virtual Employee customers. The customer is in the Australian time zone, while the employee works in the Indian time zone. The customer can gain more insight into the work being done by the virtual assistant through monitoring software installed on their computers. The data collected in this way can be aggregated in real time and the client is presented with detailed reports as well as specific statistics such as time, worked on a particular task, etc. It can see everything from which apps a virtual assistant has opened, on their chats and on other online behavior.

Top 5 Virtual Assistant Tracking Tools

Here we bring you an unbiased review of the top 5 virtual assistant tracking tools that we think are the most popular:


This virtual assistant monitoring software has an easy-to-understand dashboard that makes it easy for customers to use its features. The software has a full automation layer that not only records keystrokes, but also takes screenshots of the employee’s computer screen. Teramind is priced at $60 per month and offers you more than a dozen widgets that provide an overview of data metrics such as productive and unproductive time, as well as useful and unhelpful website visits. You can also link payroll to employee productivity.


This software for monitoring your virtual assistants is intuitive and has impressive analytics capabilities and a business intelligence-style dashboard. It also offers enterprise-level tracking capabilities that allow companies to measure the productivity and activity levels of the virtual assistants. It consists of a wide range of monitoring tools and functions that enable a high degree of data control and user privacy. We believe that the team behavior analysis feature is an excellent tool that makes this software worthwhile.


Time Doctor is an excellent tool for keeping track of the time of your virtual assistants. It also provides project management features such as cloud-based data sharing, task delegation and management, invoicing, budget forecasting, payments, and projecting future workforce needs. The admin dashboard shows how many hours the virtual assistant has worked, along with screenshots from the employee’s computer. It can also track the employee’s location via GPS and take photos of the employee from the computer’s built-in camera.


Hubstaff is a popular tool used for timekeeping and monitoring the work of your virtual assistants. It is a feature-rich tool that allows you to take screenshots, track keystrokes and monitor movements via GPS tracking. Hubstaff Tasks is a companion app for managing tasks, project progress, work assignment and is a productivity boosting tool. Hubstaff is an easy-to-use dashboard with enough tutorial content to get you up and running as quickly as possible.


WorkPuls (not WorkPlus) is a tool that allows you to analyze how your virtual assistant spends her time during working hours. It gives you a big picture showing the best use of productive time as well as the reasons for low productivity. The software is intuitive and allows you to better micromanage your hired virtual employee. It is the best tool with a standard view of reports and analysis tools, which help your business get better at time management. In addition, it allows you to set up team structure and hierarchies for better workflow management.


From basic keystroke tracking software to advanced workflow management software, there is a plethora of employee management tools available to you should you decide to hire a virtual assistant. You can adapt them to your business needs, work culture and work processes. They allow for better time management, improved employee productivity and deeper analysis.

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