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Halloween joker costume

Halloween joker costume

The Halloween joker costume villain from the latest Batman movie is sure to be one of the most popular costumes this Halloween season. From neighborhood trick or treaters to adults looking for the ultimate costume for their corporate parties, people are clambering for these costumes and props.

The Joker costume is a fun costume for those who really get into the Halloween party season. While the ready-made costumes and masks are plentiful, especially the kid sizes, it’s not the direction a costume purist will take. You won’t win points or competitions with a store-bought costume. A fun unique, unique and realistic looking Joker Heath outfit will be.

The ultimate challenge in this costume is creating a good face with makeup. Some of the prosthetic scars available today are amazing! They are easy to apply and very realistic. Most of us know someone who could work well with the makeup if they were given a photo of Joker Heath as a guide. Most makeup kits will give you enough material for at least 2, so you get a practice run.

Once you have the face of your checklist, take a look at the clothes. This is where the truly committed shine. Finding an old purple joker jacket or pants at your local thrift store is like finding gold these days! Then there’s the hexagonal shirt and tie and the green vest. While it’s not impossible to find these costume props, they can be in short supply at the thrift stores as people are hitting them pretty hard right now. The next alternative is eBay, which usually results in a successful find.

The wig shouldn’t be a problem. These are immediately available and you can color green yourself. The Joker knife is a very nice touch. Cheap knives are easy to find and there are plenty of plastic knives too. If you’re looking to collect movie memorabilia, consider the following: You can grab a certified replica Joker knife to use for your costume and then keep it as a collectible to enjoy long after the party. Aside from an autographed Joker photo of Heath Ledger, the knife is one of the most popular and valuable collectibles from The Dark Knight.

If you are planning a Joker outfit for your party this year, it would be wise to get your Joker jacket, pants, shirt, vest and tie on time. The other props should be easy to find, but the clothes can be hard to find and the listings are already starting to thin out even on eBay.


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