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Halloween costumes couples

Halloween costumes couples

Halloween isn’t just a party for kids anymore. Wearing Halloween costumes couples attend costume parties and come up with elaborate costumes for couples. It is an opportunity for couples to do something fun together. Read the article below to get some inspiration for your Halloween costume for this year.

Retro Halloween Costumes for Couples

She wears neon clothes with floppy socks, showy makeup and a side ponytail and he wears leather pants and jacket with no shirt underneath and a long haired wig. Together they are an 80s hair band member and a groupie. Or she could wear a poodle skirt and a ruffled blouse with a neat ponytail and Mary Janes, donning a tight white T-shirt, greased hair and jeans to make an iconic 1950s pair. Both could wear a bell bottom and tie-dyed headbands and shirts to be a 60s hippie couple. An all time classic. The Halloween costume is even more perfect because there will definitely be a lot of people in ghost costumes. That will be an entertaining evening!

Halloween Costumes for Pirate Couples

These costumes are available in abundance at costume stores, in a variety of styles and sizes. You can find some interesting costumes with a red vest, a matching red dress with ruffles and a white shirt. Paired with a pair of high-heeled boots and a stylish Halloween pirate hat, you’ve got a gorgeous outfit that’s sure to turn heads. If you don’t like red, you can choose a brown outfit with white accents or a white pirate dress with a black jacket. Whatever color you choose, make sure to add a petticoat underneath for more volume. Ruffles also rule when it comes to a perfect pirate costume. You can also use black pants, white peasant shirts and fun pirate accessories. Absolutely, your evening is going to be a great, grand undertaking.

Make Halloween Costumes for Couples

With a little imagination you can make your own couple costumes. Wear your uniform, paint your face in scary colors and buy fake teeth or Halloween masks. Dress up as a scary version of your day job for an easy costume choice. Doctors, nurses, lawyers, construction workers and dentists make simple transformations into scary versions. Add Halloween accessories such as funny wigs, fake blood and scary facial pain. Wear a fake ax instead of a baseball bat or wear a fake head as your soccer ball and you’re good to go.

Buying Halloween costumes in stores can be expensive. Fortunately, there is online Halloween action. With all the fun and sexy combinations to choose from, you and your partner are sure to hit gold with your Halloween couple costume.

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