Seven Minute Fat Burner Workout Routine and Recipe/Meal Guide

Seven Minute Fat Burner Workout Routine and Recipe/Meal Guide

Fat Burner Workout Routine

Fat Burner Workout Routine, Weight loss has always been a relevant fitness concept. The daily lifestyle of some people inculcates sedentary activities that eventually lead to the accumulation of fat in the body. By keeping abreast of world events, most countries have subjected their citizens to stay at home until further notice pending an alternative course of action or when the cure is discovered and tested to find the solution to this raging pandemic. to be.;action=redirectexit;url=

The consistent daily routines associated with staying indoors for several weeks are less strenuous and more sedentary. And inevitably, the body experiencing less physical exertion or experiencing no fitness routine at all will begin to gain weight; you could get over it with a seven minute routine

Fat Burner Workout Routine, The most noticeable areas of weight gain are the waist, abdomen, arms and thighs. People who once looked well-groomed begin to look plump and those who were already plump begin their journey to the destination of obesity.

Aerobics such as swimming, cycling and jogging will not be included as weight loss routines because they take much longer than seven minutes and are outdoor routines. The exercises will be much shorter routines.

Fat Burner Workout Routine, This article is for you who are struggling with weight gain and want to burn fat. There are several ways to deal with this;

Fat Burner Workout Routines

Fat-burning diets that can help you get the calories you need for energy, but still make you slim or lose weight (whatever your case is).

Fat Burners/Supplements (Synthetic and Organic)

For those who are trimmed, you are not excluded. Fitness routines are for everyone.

Home workout routines

1) Stretching/Yoga Exercises

A) Shoulder/Arm Extends:-

Slowly rotate your shoulders in wide circles in a backward and then forward motion as if you were swimming.

(15 seconds for arm/shoulder stretch back and 15 seconds for arm/shoulder stretch forward.)

B) Upper back/shoulder/chest stretch

Fat Burner Workout Routine, Grab a pole or palm a wall with one arm, lean on it slightly, then rotate your other arm in the opposite direction until you feel a stretch in your chest and shoulder joint.

Use your arm to grab your other arm and pull it across your body until the back of your shoulder and upper back extend

then turn your hands down with your thumbs.

C) Torso twists

Rotate your torso to the right and then to the left while keeping your hips forward.

D) Shoulder Rotations

Only move your shoulders to loosen the rotator cuff in your shoulder

E) Abdominal Stretches

Lie flat on your stomach

push yourself up to your elbows

lift your head and one shoulder

stare up for 15 seconds

repeat with the other shoulder.

F) Lower back stretch

Lie on your right side

put your right leg forward

rotate your torso until your shoulder touches the ground

hold for 15 seconds, then repeat with your left side.

G) Hip/Outer Thigh Stretch

Sit on the floor with your right leg crossed over your left leg

Use both hands to grab your right leg and pull it (thigh/shin) toward your chest, then twist. Hold for 15 seconds

Repeat the process with your left leg.

H) Down dog pose

Stretch your legs and lower back with your palms forward on the floor

Keep your heels on the floor. Hold for 30 seconds.

I) Hamstring Stretch

Whether standing or sitting, bend over at the waist and touch your toes

keep your back straight while bending your knees slightly.

J) Thigh stretch

You can perform this routine while standing, leaning on something, or lying on your hip.

Grab your leg by the ankle and pull it toward your butt while pushing your hip forward.

keep your knees together and constrict your butt.

Hold for 15 seconds, then switch legs and repeat the process.

2) Push ups

A) Regular push-ups

Lie on the floor with your palms flat, next to your chest and shoulder-width apart.

Push yourself up while straightening your arms and keeping your back stiff.

you can determine the number of times you want to go from a minimum of ten and the number of sets.

B) Bank dips

sit on a bench on the edge

place your feet three feet in front of you

grab the far edge of the couch with your arms

dip your butt about four or five inches under the bench while bending your elbows for support

choose your number of sets and numbers per set.

C) Squats

While standing, place your feet shoulder-width apart

lower your ass as if you are in a sitting motion

focus on squeezing your butt while in an upward motion

make sure you keep your shin vertical almost all the time

stretch your butt back and make sure it's not over your feet.

also make sure your knees are bent.

you can go as low as possible provided you feel little pain.

repeat this process in sets, pointing to a specific number for each set.

D) Stationary Failure

take a long stride as if you were walking, then bend your knees so that your front thigh is parallel to the floor.

lift your knees up until your legs are vertical again but remain in the same position.

continue the process.

I could go on but this is a short guide and so I can only give some of the workout routines.

Moving on to the next stage of this weight loss or fat burning process, which is dieting. Dieting has played a very crucial role in helping people burn fat or maintain a fit, slim figure. To stay in sync with the weight loss regimen, I recommend the following meals to take before and after your workout routines.

You wouldn't want to go back to eating unhealthy foods after trying to reduce the excess fat already in your system.

Diet plan/schedule includes;

Morning meal (serving = fist size)

-Eat 2-3 servings of minimal fat

1 qt water Protein - cooked egg whites, yogurt, milk, lean meat, protein shake, vegetable pot roast - some fruits such as grapes, bananas, blueberry cereal with milk

Mid-morning meal

Eat 1 Serving - Slim Meal Bar, Boiled Egg, Go-Gurt, Tuna

- Fruit salad, apple, orange, banana etc.

Lunch -1 qt water -Chicken, tuna, fish, lean meat -Sandwich on wheat bread, no mayonnaise -Mix meat with salad  -Mixed salads with various vegetables -Green leaf lettuce, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, onion.

afternoon meal

-1 qt water Optional -peanuts, almonds = lots of calories Optional -juice, fruit, vegetable - small salad

evening meal

-1 qt water -Lean chicken, fish, meat, roasted NOT ROAST -Large salad

food drinks/smoothies of different fruit flavors.

Fat burners/supplements (organic or synthetic)

Fat Burner Workout Routine, The third stage is what I call the lazy stage. You can get the fat burner supplements or patches before or after this indoor workout regimen. For some fat burner patches, you really don't have to go through with it if you're too lazy to start an exercise routine. Since working from home is the most important thing now, I think you can wear the patches while working at your table at home.

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