Frequently asked questions about drinking water for companies

Frequently asked questions about drinking water for companies

Drinking water: When the topic arises about buying and selling drinking water, several questions arise to us about mineral water and its distributor. Choosing a best business drinking water distributor in Kolkata is difficult. Keep in mind that there are only a few questions to ask when purchasing packaged drinking water. Here are some of the issues below:

drinking water

What do you understand by company drinking water?

Drinking water, Mineral water comes from underground wells, which is packaged with the source and quality of the processing standard. Quality standards for the processing of this drinking water. Ozone treatment and UV filtration process are used for the production of H2O.

What are the requirements for setting up a plant with company drinking water?

Drinking water, There are four sections of the aquatic plant used for bottling, handling, utility and quality control. The total space required for bottles is 5000 Sq.Ft with covered space. The power is 65 hp. The raw water used is 3000 LPH with TDS. The cost of the project is approximately Rs 75 lakhs which includes the price of utilities, machinery and furniture, etc.

How much waste does water produce?

According to the regulations of the International Bottled Water Association, the average estimate is given for producing one liter bottle.

What approvals / licenses are required?

Below are some licenses and approvals:

ISI certification from the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

Pollution control certificate

Small Industry Registration

Pest Control Certification

Water test report from laboratory

Medical certificates for workers

Certificates of microbiologist and pharmacy

Trademark Registration

No objection certificate from panchayat area

Trademark registration

Sanction of the layout plan

Sanction for electrical load

Memorandum of association of companies

Property documents

Is there a market if India regulates packaged water?

It is a compulsion for the manufacturer to set up the processing units with the ISI quality mark sanctioned by Bureau of India Standards. It is governed by IS: 13428 and IS: 14543

Can the distributor apply the ISI mark and start production?

Drinking water, Commercial production is started in the independent laboratory, with support where necessary. It is essential to have an ISI mark for the production started, interspersed with some goals that are covered with performance.

Is it manufactured with laboratory commitment?

The laboratories perform chemical, physical and microbiological tests which are performed by biologists after the lab coercion.

Is there a standard for the amount of water with packaging?

According to the Ministry of Consumer Affairs on February 28, 2001, the standard change is needed for weights of measures. It is mandatory with prescribed standards.

Is it safe to consume from plastic bottles?

It is made from natural resources found on the shelves of polyethylene terephthalate. It is completely safe to consume.

Can it be used for reuse?

When it comes to hygiene and safety, reuse is not recommended. It can be reused for drip irrigation and planters.

Why do their tastes vary?

Concentrations of minerals have been added. Geological research shows that it is medicinal and does not carry water-borne diseases.

The right business drinking water distributor in Kolkata follows the same values ​​and can solve any question if needed.

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