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Funny Cats Videos is all about fun and entertainment

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A brief overview of the causes of

A brief overview of the causes of prostatitis in young people

prostatitis in young people

Prostatitis in young people, Mike, 25, has been agitated lately. When he had sex with his girlfriend, he always felt tired. Before that, Mike had been very healthy and had exercised well. But these days, he suddenly had a premature ejaculation when he had intercourse with his girlfriend. Mike went to the hospital for a careful examination, but he was surprised to find that he had prostatitis at age 25.;action=redirectexit;url=

Prostatitis is a common male disease, but it is common in men ages 30-50. Prostatitis can lead to abnormalities in the reproductive organs and urinary tract and even affect normal sexual function. So why are more and more people suffering from this disease when they are young?

The cause of prostatitis in young people:

1. Local Cold

Prostatitis in young people, Most men have body heat, but their prostate is afraid of cold. Because there are many adrenal receptors in the prostate area, when the body is cold, the prostate will be affected, causing the sympathetic nerves to become overexcited, causing the prostate gland to contract, increasing pressure in the urethra and affecting urination. And if it is difficult to urinate, it will also damage the prostate, ending up in a vicious cycle and causing a prostate infection.

2. Alcohol Stimulation

Prostatitis in young people, Prolonged alcohol stimulation increases the risk of prostatitis. Ethanol in alcohol enters the blood and flows with the blood to all parts of the body. When stimulated by alcohol, it will make the disease extremely excited, cause the expansion and congestion of capillaries, leading to cell edema, increase the alcohol concentration in the blood, and make the congestion and swelling of the prostate severe. If it does not go away for a long time, it will cause prostatitis.

3. Hyperemia of the prostate

If young men eat spicy and irritating foods for a long time, local blood vessels will expand and clog, their resistance will decrease and some harmful bacteria in the prostate will multiply in large quantities, causing prostatitis. In addition, when the perineum is suppressed or has an excessive sexual life, the extreme congestion of the prostate will also cause the disease.

Prostatitis in young people, Prostatitis will have a significant impact on our work and life, and we need to treat it in time. For acute prostatitis, antibiotics are usually needed. For chronic prostatitis, because antibiotics are difficult to penetrate, people can opt for herbal remedies for treatment. Herbal Medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a better choice. It repairs the damaged tissues, removes toxins to restore your reproductive system. It can not only eliminate symptoms, but also fundamentally cure prostatitis.

Prostatitis in young people, Of course, in addition to medication, we also have to do a good job in daily care. Such as more exercise, to improve the blood circulation of the human body, to promote the increase in the secretion of prostate fluid, to dilute bacterial toxins.

We should also pay attention to the hygiene of private areas. We should get into the habit of bathing and changing underwear regularly. We should pay special attention to keep the external genitalia and perineum clean, especially after defecation, which can effectively prevent prostate infection and reduce the recurrence rate.