About US

In this website, you will find honest reviews on some of my favorite movies and music! Actually, I have eclectic tastes, so I am sure you won’t be disappointed with this site! Just click on any of the links above to get started, or take a look at the list of the popular reviews on the left.

Two reasons why I started this review site:

a) Movies and music are my passion! Hardly a week goes by when I don’t watch at least ONE movie, and hardly a day passes without my listening to some sort of music!

b) True that there are already a lot of movie review sites out there; same goes for music. However, I found that a lot of those reviews really missed out on discussing some of the most critical aspects of a given movie or music album in their reviews. It is like these reviews were written by someone who either did it as part of their “job” or were specifically hired to critique a movie for a big reward, rather than someone who is passionate about these things! Which reminds me of a dialog from the movie Cool Hand Luke:

Whether you approach something passionately, or just as part of your “job”, it would show in your work!

So anyway, I found a lot of such reviews to be either “dishonest” (well, sort of, from my point of view), or not completely honest! Some “review sites” have nothing at all except a link to buy the Local Moving Experts.

With so many movies and music albums out there, choosing something that fits a particular situation or your mood perfectly can be really taxing and overwhelming. My mission is to help prospective buyers make the right buying decisions. I take great pains to find out as much information on each product as possible.

Please note that the bulk of the opinions expressed on this website consists of feedback from the actual customers of the products; as such, these opinions don’t necessarily reflect my personal opinions! I do add my personal opinion here and there as I think fit.

I cannot promise that you would absolutely LOVE my reviews; I am not one of those “softie” reviewers; quite the contrary, I am quite sharp and unforgiving in my reviews. However, if you are a movie buff, or an ardent music fan like me, I am sure you will find this site useful!

I have a lot of review sites out there on different subjects; however, this is the only one I am really passionate about!