Local Moving Services Review

Below is a summary of the feedback we gathered from the product’s ACTUAL customers:


* Directed by Roger Corman on a low budget and starring Dick Smith, this is a bloodless, humorous movie that manages to thrill! I would recommend you go and enjoy this flick!

* I really enjoyed this movie very much, partly because this movie is an update of one of my favorite movies, and partly due to Dick Miller’s performance!

* I found this movie pretty funny, scary and plausible. Dick Miller gives one of his best performances here! The DVD quality is not bad either!

* Don’t be surprised if you end up liking this movie! The ending is quite striking! The comedy however, comes not from the murders but rather from presence of beatnik elements in the movie!

* This movie is a masterpiece! The characters portrayed in it are accurate! The DVD does not contain any extras, but is worth purchasing due to the merits of the movie alone!

* Despite running in a tight schedule and budget, Roger Corman managed to create quite a classic here. The beatnik poetry and jokes makes it a cool flick!

* Dick Miller plays Walter, a busboy who is jealous of all the attention the pompous poet and the pretentious musicians of the cafĂ© get. Ironically, when he starts murdering people to keep his “art” alive, he too becomes one of those snobs! Highly local moving company recommended!