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* I received the boxset just as advertised here. It is not easy to locate Herzog’s movies, especially here in Indiana. To have several of his great movies in one neat package is sure a treat for the eyes of any movie-lover!

* This DVD boxset is proof of the fact that you don’t need to use loads of special effects and money in order to produce a good quality film. The documentary included in this package talks about the complex house moving relationship shared by Werner Herzog & Klaus Kinski!

* Herzog is a master filmmaker and his movies are a must-watch for anyone who calls themselves “movie buff”! This is good quality product available in a neat package. Overall, you shouldn’t pass over this awesome deal!

* This boxset consists of six great movies made by two insane persons. A wonderful collection all around that is worth a look!

* All the movies contained in this boxset are classics! My only problem is that the movie Nosferatu doesn’t come with an English version – only the German one!

* All the movies contained in this DVD boxset are incredible explorations of the extremities of human and non-human behavior! My favorite movie is “Aguirre – The Wrath of God”!

* This product is of excellent value and quality. It already has “Fitzcaraldo”, but if you wanna know about the story behind that movie then you should also watch “Les Blank’s Burden of Dreams”!

* This is an excellent DVD boxset. Klaus Kinski is obviously the real star of all the movies contained herein! My personal favorites are “Woyzeck”, “Aguirre” and the documentary called “My Best Friend”!

* I would suggest that you buy this! It is without a doubt an awesome deal and even the packaging is pretty good! All the movies contained in this DVD boxset (except Woyzeck) are entertaining as well as full of insight! Plus, they also come with English audio tracks! What more could you ask for!



* If you want to watch five legendary films made by two world-famous lunatics then this product is for you! The DVD is mostly decent, and the picture quality is good! However the English versions of these movies contain some huge mistakes: even if you don’t speak German you can tell that not all the words were translated properly! Worse, there is no text subtitle included!

* I found most of these movies boring, except the one about a boat and another one about the vampire! I don’t think it is justified to buy this whole boxset for the sake of only these two movies; I’d rather buy them as standalone products!

* I just finished watching all the movies included in this boxset and to be honest, I am sorely disappointed with my purchase! It is tedious to hear Herzog constantly drone on about the philosophy of movie-making, but what bothers me the most is that all the movies you get here are dubbed, and that in both the German and the English version of the movies the audio track doesn’t match well with the mouth movements of the actors!

* I am a great admirer of the works of Werner Herzog and Klaus Kinski, but I think that among the movies included here, only “Aguirre” and “Fitzcarraldo” count among their best works; the rest of the movies are just bland and forgettable. In particularly, I think that the “Nosferatu” movie is just a pointless remake!

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In real life, he maybe an insane man suffering from volatile and unpredictable mood (which I could care less about, btw) – but when it comes to acting, few artistes could even match eye to eye with the legendary Klaus Kinski! Watch these movies for Kinski alone (in fact, if not for him, they would not have been as entertaining)!

As for the DVD boxset, I would buy it even if only for “Aguirre”! Given the quality of the movies included herein, I believe that this product is worth ever